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- Keeping You Safe - 

The saftey of both you - our lovely customers and our staff is our number 1 priority!

Below are the measures that we are putting in place in order to keep everyone safe when we reopen. Again, all we ask is that you help us to help you by adhering to these measures.



In order to adhere to government advice, unfortunately we cannot allow customers under the age of 14 in the bar area (*OR at managers discression) however, they are welcome to dine in our restaurant as part of your booking (as long as they remain seated at all times). Children are allowed outside however, our park area isnt yet open..

As well as adhering to government advice, health regualtions and social distancing also need to be taken into account. Therefore, ALL customers must be able to enter and leave the premises unaided.

Parking Facilities - Parking is limited, however, we do have disabled parking and spaces available for emergency vehicles.

You know we love our BB Doggo's! They are of course still welcome however, only one dog is allowed in at any one time. They must be well behaved and NOT on the furniture. In the garden area they must be kept on a lead at all times. 



For your safety:


Staff health checks - Daily health checks are in place for each member of staff before they start their shift in order to ensure that they are not displaying any symptoms of COVID19.


PPE - PPE is available for all staff.


Lowering capacity - In order to safely seat a number of people throughout the entirety of our pub we are lowering our people capacity. 

We have also limited the number of tables that are throughout our pub.


Cleaning & Hygiene - Hand sanitisers are available throughout the pub, our staff also have their own personal ones on them to use regulary.

We have a timed cleaning program that will be carried out throughout every day. 


Facilities - In order to adhere to government guidelines, unfortunately for the time being customers will not be able to use our jukebox and dartboard. Our bandit and pool table are still available for use however, you will need to sanitise before and after use. 

Our park area is also closed for the time being.


Social distancing - In order to adhere to the latest government guidelines on social distancing we have put 1m plus distance between all areas of our pub. There is a system to follow in order to navigate throughout the bar, restaurant and garden areas.

On arrival, you and your bubble (6 in total) will be allocated a table where you must stay throughout your visit.


Details - On arrival inside of the pub, we will take your details as part of the track and trace system.


Ordering - One member of your party is allowed up to the bar to order you drinks but MUST stand behind the screen Queuing has to be formed behind the stickers on the floor. If you are dining with us you will be showed to your table and your order will be taken when you are seated. Menus will be wiped clean after use.


Serving - Your drinks will be served in a basket (for a big order) and your food will be served using a one time use napkin.


Payment - Contactless and card payments are preferable however we will still be taking cash. 


For our safety:


- Daily health checks are in place for each member of staff before they start thier shift in order to ensure that they are nor displaying any symptoms of COVID19.


- Individual risk assessments have been completed for each member of staff in order to ensure that it is safe for them to return to work. 


- Frequent hand washing for all members of staff will take place and each member of staff also has their own hand saniters on them.


- PPE is available for all staff. 


- Payment - Contactless and card payments are preferable however we will still be taking cash.


- We have simplified our menu for the time being in order to adhere to social distancing in the kitchen and reduce waste. 

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